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Prijon Piave Kayak

Beautifully Hand Crafted Fibreglass & Carbon Composite Kayaks. When It Comes To Composites You Need Quality. We Carry Some Of The Top Brands
  • Prijon Piave Kayak
    $4,100.00 $3,748.00

    Prijon Piave Kayak
    Prijon Piave Kayak
    Prijon Piave Kayak
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    Limited time offer: Price currently includes 2 x Free C-Kayak Paddles


    The Piave is a compact, lightweight, stable touring kayak suitable for shorter distances. While not as fast as some of its longer counterparts and without as much storage options, the Piave offers ease of lifting and carrying on land, and highly manoeuvrable in the water.

    The undisputable German quality clearly sets this craft aside from cheaper composites originating from elsewhere in the world.

    If you are after a lightweight double with uncompromised quality and don't mind spending a bit more for these attributes, then this is the ideal choice of kayak for you.